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Cap 110
Server Type PVE
Race Chinese & Europe
Masteries CH/EU 330/220
Degree 11
Exp Solo 250x
Exp Party 300x
Item Drop 10x
Gold 10x
Alchemy Max +12 without adv +14 with adv)
Alchemy rate 3x
Active on level 95 Silk per hour 1
Guild limit 24
Union limit 2
FGW Enabled
Battle Arena Disabled
Fellow Pets Available
Fortress war JG
Fortress Time Sunday
Free Diamond Events & Uniques Yes


Trade Router

Samarkand <-> Alexandria

We have done few changes in the F10 Pet Trans for trade.

• F10 Pet will give you a total of 1.4B when you complete the trade.

Five Horned, Buffalo, White Elephant, 1.4B.
Blue Horse Charger, Purple Horse Charger, Green Horse Charger, 1.4B.

• Fortress War Behemoth Trans give you a total of 1.9B when you complete the trade

To receive the following gold above, you need to be level 7 to get the maximum amount of gold. Job PC Limit is set to 1.

We"ve added the following items below in Elite Shop npc, Location Alexandria North.

• Silver Coin
• Gold Coin
• Astra Stone D11


We're adding auto equipment system to make sure you won't have much troubles early on in the server and you can start grinding for your gear without tough suffering,also to help you leveling up faster.
Your items will change automatically when you reach the level for the next degree,it'll be SOS +7 Full Blue
It works from degree 1 up to degree 10

Job Temple Unique's

Job Temple Unique's drop the following coins which are listed below. Which you need to collect to complete EGY A or B Gear.
Unique Name Time Reward
Isis & Anubis 15:00 / 21:00 Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Selket & Neith 13:00 / 18:00 Silver Coin & Copper Coin
Haroeris 17:00 / 22:00 Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Seth 05:00 / 22:00 Gold Coin & Iron Coin

Holy Water Temple

Unique Name Reward
Sphinx Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Nephthys Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Osiris Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Horus Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Sekhmet Copper Coin & Silver Coin

Normal Uniques

Unique's Appear/Spawn every 1 hours & 30 Minute after been killed.

Killer gets from 1~50 Random Diamonds from the unique's that are listed below. So if you're lucky you can earn a lot & enjoy as well.

Unique Name Reward
Tiger Girl 1~50 Random Diamonds
Cerberus 1~50 Random Diamonds
Captain Ivy 1~50 Random Diamonds
Uruchi 1~50 Random Diamonds
Isyutaru 1~50 Random Diamonds
Lord Yarkan 1~50 Random Diamonds
Demon Shaitan 1~50 Random Diamonds

Killer gets the following Diamonds that are listed below.

Arabia Uniques

Unique Name Reward
Baal 2x Immortals
Zielkiaxe 2x Immortals
Babilion 2x Immortals
Jupiter 2x Immortals
Yuno 2x Immortals
The Earth 2x Immortals
Kidemonas 2x Immortals

Special Uniques

Unique Name Reward
ROC 20x Immortals & 7 Astra
Roc killer gets 100 Diamonds as a reward.
Server Stats
  • Players : 352 / 3000
  • Supporters Online: 2 / 9
  • Cap 110
  • CH/EU
  • EXP/SP x250
  • EXP/SP (Party) x300
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • Max-Plus 12
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Disabled
  • PC (Hardware) Limit 5
  • Guild Limit 24
  • Union Limit 1
  • Alchemy rate x3
Server Time
  • Time:
  • Fortress:
  • FW Registration: Everyday
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Selket & Neith:
  • Anubis & Isis:
Event Schedules
  • Uniques Event:
  • Trivia Event:
  • LPN Event:
  • KillTheGM Event:
  • Alchemy Event:
Fortress War
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Normal Uniques

Jupiter Uniques

Arabia Uniques

Special Uniques